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Wood pellets

Profiles' wood pellets do not contain bark, which assures a cleaner combustion and lesser breakdowns in the pellet oven

Pellets are a new, homemade bio-product. We produce them in our company as a by-product of the production of wooden dowels and connective lamellas.

Characteristics of our wood pellets:

  • They are made out of 80 % beech wood and 20 % spruce wood, which serves as a binder.

  • Our wood pellets do not contain any additives or binders; this makes the quantity of ashes that are produced by combustion of pellets minimal.

  • The big advantage of our pellets is that they are made out of dry, clean sawdust that does not contain bark. This means less ashes, the glass of the oven window does not sully immediately, a better usage of energy, lesser standstills and lesser oven breakdowns.

  • They are suitable for burning in large pellet ovens as well as for ceramic ovens, where the quality of pellets in especially needed.

  • By burning of our pellets, the filth and impurity of air are only a thing of the past.

  • Pellets have a high caloric value and therefore higher energy effectiveness.

  • 2 kg of pellets corresponds to a fuel value of 1 litre fuel oil.

  • As a point of interest let us indicate that we daily produce more than 50 tons of pellets. Pellets are packed in bags of 15 kg , over 80 bags to a pallet.

  •    Advantages of pellets:

    • they are without bark,
    • they have a high caloric value,
    • they have a minimal humidity content,
    • They are glueless and without any other additives,
    • They are also ideal for ceramic ovens.

    The extreme quality of our pellets has been confirmed also by a chemical analysis which has been carried out by a Chemical institute in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

    pdf  Chemical analysis of our pellets (a pdf document - 3,7 MB)

    pdf  Holz Forschung Certificate class A1 (a pdf document - 0,46 MB)

    pdf  EnPLUS Analysis BEA (a pdf document - 0,96 MB)

    For enlargement click on the picture
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    Delivery to your home

    With supplementary payment we deliver the pellets to your home and thus save you time and unnecessary trouble.

    We offer retail trade and an organized wholesale trade

    Contact person for retail matters:

    Mrs. Astrid J. Blažek
    Tel: ++386 (0)5 703 04 08
    E-mail: astrid@profiles.si
    Working hours: ponedeljek – petek, od 7h – 15h

    Contact person for wholesale matters:

    Mr. Boštjan Blažek
    Tel: ++386 (0)5 703 04 02
    E-mail: info@profiles.si

    For additional information and questions with regards to our products and services, please feel free to contact us.


    • Excellent proportion between quality and price.
    • Short delivery times.
    • Flexibility.

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