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Meet the leading company in Europe in wood dowels and connective lamellas

Profiles, d.o.o. is a family company that has been working since the year 1968. The company has narrowly specialized in the nineties of the previous century into industrial production of wooden dowels and wooden lamellas (wood joiner biscuits), and later we have also developed industrial production of wooden pellets.

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The company today employs 67 people, who yearly produce:

  • over 1500 tons (approx. 7 million pieces daily) of wood dowels, which places us in the very European top,
  • approx. 80 million pieces of connective lamellas (wood joiner biscuits) and
  • over 10 thousand tons of wood pellets.

The company is technologically well developed, by which we attain high quality standards. Profiles has over 1400 m3 in drying capacities, since we yearly need 12.000 m3 off beech wood for the production of dowels and lamellas.

99 % of the production of company Profiles is aimed at the demanding European and American markets. Our buyers come from: Germany, Italy, Austria, Slovakia, Denmark, France, England, Belgium, the Netherlands, Sweden, Spain, South African Republic and the USA. Our buyers are mainly wholesalers of furniture components, and some of our customers are also big manufacturers of furniture and of furniture components.

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Our customers’ satisfaction means a lot to us, therefore we always keep to our own golden rule that our first concern is:

  • attaining high quality standards of products,
  • establishing and cultivating good and honest business relations as well as
  • keeping up with market prices, with which we want to assert ourselves even more on demanding markets.


Official data of the company Profiles, d.o.o. (Profiles, LCC)

  Firm name of the Company: PROFILES, production, trade, import, export,  LLC
  Abbreviated Firm name: PROFILES, d.o.o.
  Registered office of the Company: Razdrto 46, 6225 HRUŠEVJE, SLOVENIJA
  Registration number: 5501695
  VAT ID number: SI42131715
  TRR with Bank of Koper d.d.: 10100-0000035303
  Company is registered with: the Regional Court of Koper. Equity: Registration entry number: 1/02274/00
  Capital: 417.293,00 EUR
  Director of the Company: Boštjan Blažek

For additional information and questions with regards to our products and services, please feel free to contact us.